Battery switch (disconnect)

Looking for a Old School, “battery disconnect” Switch. Any one have one laying around

Where will it mount? I should have a Chevy Volt safety plug/switch here.
Why not use an Anderson plug at the battery? Disconnect both poles safely. That’s what forklifts use.

Ok here is some More info.

This is in Kens 2008. The Stock GEM breaker
(Below the dash) it MELTED!!! So it was easy to switch main power on and off. Wanted a heavy duty switch that was easy and fool proof.

This is a chevy volt.
MVC-012F MVC-013F

Hard to find large dc switches good for high voltage. I’m sure that’s why oem fails.
We talked about remote switching options before.


This is a latching relay. 2 wire control.
A short +12v pulse locks it on. Short -12v pulse locks it off.
No power draw when on or off. Mechanically latched on or off just like a switch, but remote operation.
Auxiliary contacts for led/lamp to show on or off state.

Look in you “parts that need testing for David” pile. :slight_smile:
Also, there is one installed on the 2018 E2.

Dave I have one of your Latching contacts I could not figure it out. Do you know how it should be wired I wanna use it on my E4

Red and black wires. A 12v pulse turns it on. You can feel it click.
Pulse again with wires reversed clicks it off.
Isolated coil means you can tap into 12v from your traction battery. Or from your aux. 12v system.

Try this. One of many possibilities.

Dave my’n looks like this.

That’s it. Use the red and black wires. Touch them to 12v and hear the click.

I have. I place black to Ground and Red to a 12v + and NOTHING

It must be on then. Try red to minus and black to plus.

Ok Dave: it’s working just as you described.

I kept booking red to red and black to black and NOTHING as soon as I reversed the connections CLICK! And then reversed again and “Click”

So it’s working just as you said.

My 2016 has a Constant 12v source from the 12v factory battery. I was thinking of tapping that as my on and off source.

What kind of switch can u recommend that switches polarity

Look for dpdt momentary switch.


Dave would somthing like this work?

Says it’s 12v 20amp

If you still need I have one
Would be happy to send to you in exchange for your sage advice on a few things

I will gladly accept your kindness. Thank you very much I can Gladly pay pal you for the shipping If you don’t mind.

Pro shipping tip from Dave
If you send me your pay pal info I can send even $1 that will give you my shipping address And allow you to print a shipping label super easy from pay pals site & gives the Shipper a Discount when using PayPal to print the shipping label (gives the shipper commercial shipping rate)

I’m going to use Dave’s electronic disconnect switch on my car “2016 E4” (I don’t mind more testing) & use the manual switch on Kens 08 AC conversion car. I would rather us a tried & true part on somthing I’m not using almost every day

It can be a tiny switch. Less than an amp.

Works like a Charm!

it Only use’s 1.40 Amps @ 12v for a micro second to latch Or UN-latch the contact


I have several of these if anyone wants to buy. $100