Magic Magnet on a stock '02

Super, don’t forget to charge it. Watch the leds. They should all come on when full.
Interested to know if capacity keeps up to your lead.
Important not to let them dip under 2.5v. After a while, you should get a feel for it.

For others, this is what you did? No other mods?

Yep, that’s exactly how I hooked it up. Disconnected the cable at the output lug of the contactor, bolted in a heavy siamese battery cable I had from an inverter, hooked the pack up, bolted the rings of cable coming back from the lifepo4 pack to the cable going to + on the controller input and wrapped the bolt with 130c and 77+.

That’s it besides the MM - which I’m confused if I actually need or not on the T2 controller.

Battery pack wasn’t fully charged when I did the run this morning. Forgot to mention that. it was at 13.4 iirc.

MM not needed if you program T2 to do the same speed.
13.4 may or may not be fully charged. No way to tell for sure.

Makes sense. AFAIK, my controller has stock programming. Always felt like it was butting up against something. Could never break 28 mph, even downhill, accelerator mashed, full charge. Ran that hill again today after disconnecting the boost pack, but with the MM. Hit 35 -36 on the downhill

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Oil’s no problem. By time mine arrived, box and packaging had absorbed most.

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BTW, with a freshly equalized LFA bank and the lifepo4 booster fully charged, my GPS log says I hit 29-30mph with something possibly broken and dragging inside the motor.

I hit the governor when flat out or down hill and on BDI display it reads 28 but GPS says 30-31

How about a thread explaining booster with pictures. I expected some interest from other lead gems, if yours worked out.
All I have left are 5a chargers, but 4s lifepo4 chargers are cheap. 5a overnight may be ok!

Sure - I have to shoot some that are more defining though. What I shot during the install looks like a formidable pile of wires when in reality, all that it consists of is 2 bolts, 2 battery leads and some electrical tape. Simplest thing in the world to hook up.

Hoping to get them this weekend when I deal with the borked motor / gearbox issue