Magic Magnet Dip Switch Settings

Can anyone post the proper DIP switch settings for the Magic Magnet? I’m currently running an R4F motor, 4 pole magnet & sensor, and Trojan Lead acid batteries. Just curious if I can get more MPH out of adjusting the DIP switch settings and what factory settings are to verify if mine is indeed set up that way now.

Thanks, Jim

Settings make no difference in speed. They are used to calibrate speedometer.
1+3 reads 25mph at 40 mph. Changing speedometer to kph will read 0-40 accurately.
Or you can only turn on 1 or 2 to limit motor rpm.
1 adds a couple mph. 2 a couple more etc. Switches are additive.

Just to clarify a bit more,
The MM does not actually increase speed, it just removes/adjusts the factory governor by reporting to the controller a slower speed than you are actually going.

With that bypassed, the car is free to go as fast as it can and usually exposes the next limiting factor. It could be an individual battery failing, overall age of the pack, connection issue, motor needing a rebuild, or any number of things.

What year is your car?
2 or 4 seat?
Trans ratio?
Surroundings? (flat/level or hills)
What are your goals? (you mention you would like more mph, but you don’t say what you are getting now).

Does your dog bite?