Looking to buy a Trailer

I was Intrested in picking up a trailer to Haul my GEMs. I wanted to get people’s input on things to look for and stay away from.

I have a few 4 Seaters that from time to time need to get moved and or repairs. What is a good length ramp that will allow me to Easley drive on and off my Gem?

Figure on adding length. A four seater is too long for a standard 10’ trailer without pulling the hood off and the 12’ size is too big. My neighbor just added 18" to the tongue end of the box and it now works good.

I’d think that just adding to the box at the tongue end would adversely affect the turning radius of the trailer. In other words if you turned too sharply the trailer would “ding” the back end of the towing vehicle. Part of the design geometry of the tongue is to allow the trailer to track the towing vehicle when pulling through turns. Seems to me getting a 12’ trailer would be a much simpler option with minimal drawbacks. No?

I have plenty of room for storage so I don’t need to try and save space. I figure if I’m gonna get a trailer I want to get one that makes loading and Un loading as easy as it can be.

My buddys have lent me their trailers 1 has sides and 1 was a flat bed. They both have positives and Neg’s I was thinking of a trailer that had removable sides like a picket side. That way if you wanted to do a dump run or haul some stuff that you didn’t feel like tieing down the sides would be handy.

Any advantage of a Tamdem axel for a GEM trailer.

Gem isn’t heavy enough to warrent a tandem. Tandems are a lot heavier built.

I use a tandem axle car trailer to move vehicles around. Yes it is a bit much for one GEM, but I use it for lots of other things as well. They key thing to look for is a trailer that is low to the ground. It makes loading an unloading a lot easier.

I have used a 3 place snowmobile trailer before and used atv ramps to get it on the trailer, but that seemed a little dicey to me. It would be ok if it were once or twice a year, but if you are hauling them frequently I would recommend something where the deck is between the wheels. Also, going with a car trailer or heavier duty utility trailer there is usually a built on ramp system, so that eliminates having to haul around a set of ramps as well.