Looking for parts dealer

I’m looking for a site sponsor or recommendation for Gem parts dealer not really accessories. I’ve priced out both dealers close to me and they were 10% above list, didn’t have any of the parts in stock and charged for shipping. Any help would be appreciated.


Depending on what you need

GEM Car Parts Direct


NEV Assesories

MZ Motorsports


are possibilities

Someone that sells all gem parts not really accessories. rubber for the windshield and sunroof, new hard door window, rear window, that sort of stuff.


That would be GEM Car Parts Direct.

We are in the unfortunate position to have to be greatfull to buy parts at list. SUCKS!! Doesn’t it

Jeff the folks at GEMcarpartsdirect.com are good people and give fair prices… your best pricing might be on Craigslist and a person parting out cars… I don’t know anyone in your area just a couple in AZ who will not rip you off… but there is the shipping… I have a fb group and post cars and often parts for sale that I find in CL as well as eBay… has been a while since I posted parts… drop by and take a look

Jeff… Dan has the sunroof and a windshield… may have the rubber liner… although I’d probably go with a new one… you need a good seal… PM me for a cell number for Dan… he will text


There must be more than one Dan on this forum. Many of the mechanical parts have been identified and are available from other sources. See the link below.



Thanks Daniel… the Craigslist link was for a GEM car parts picker in AZ… Dan


Thanks guys. Gemcarpartsdirect were very nice to deal with. All the parts I was looking for did not have an alternative source.

glad it was a good experience… they have always been there for me… whether it was parts or listening to my questions or rants…