Best Place to Buy Factory Gem Parts?

Hey I’m wondering what’s the best place to buy factory gem parts. My local dealer doesn’t seem to Into selling Gem Car parts. Just wondering if buying from Gem Direct is a option these days

I found this place that still has the exploded views…

Hey Mike, thank you very much for the link. I called them and they had exactly what I needed. I ordered three clear E4 roofs. The best part is they are getting drop shipped from the factory.:+1: way better than going to my dealer where I would have to show up and pay and then go pick the parts up

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Hey, just some more trivia I called my local dealer here in Manteca. They said they are very frustrated with Waev that’s the name of the new company that owns GEM”

He said that he has orders for parts that are 17 months old. He said he has several emails into them, expressing frustration with delays on parts with little to no contact so it was somewhat concerning for me to hear that getting parts from a dealer is a long and painful process.

Super excited to see a clear roof replacement on an E4 project. Bravo!! I am shocked that GEM of Miami was able to get Waev products dropped shipped from Anaheim. Getting GEM parts has been atrocious. Dealers wait months for parts. I have been trying to get the part number for a 2022 E6 passenger rocker panel in rust for months. I have been down to the factory knocking on the front door. (only a few miles from my office) I even applied for a job on WAEV employment site in the parts department. Anyway I will call Gem of Miami tomorrow. The only problem is they are East coast.

Ya know what’s Crazy. The clear roof is creeper than the white roof! Gabe had reported that the clear roofs on his cars are like a green house inside! I’m thinking ceramic film might be a fix for that!