Looking for opinion of a very reliable electric vehicle

I need a very very reliable electric vehicle with good range. Either a scooter or a golf cart type of vehicle. Any suggestions please?


If you are considering a low speed vehicle, every time I turn around it seems like the GEM wins; While I am not impressed with its looks, it sure beats my pretty Flybo that I bought several months ago when wanting an electric.

Its not worth getting an electric car, plus the insurance and cost of one will be very high for when you’re old enough. What you want is a dream, sorry to crush it. But if you insist Nissan Leaf is my best bet.

I have Purchase an electronic vehical for my aged family member in affordable price. If you also want then i will share with you the online store link that provide affordable vehicle’s for all age people.

Can’t agree with you no more. 2 guys were sitting in an electric car which was on fire. The electric system was burnt to death and that 2 guys died. It’s very dangerous