Which electric vehicle would you recommend to a friend?

If someone asked you to recommend an electric vehicle which one would you choose? Whether you have acquired an electric vehicle, perhaps driven one in the past or you have been looking at EVs, what would your advice be?


HH, of course Tesla is a dream of everybody :smiley:
But in real, for normal people, I can recommend Nissan Leaf or Renault Zoe. Zoe doesnt need fast-charger, it could be full charged for 1h (in Europe). And the interior is very nice. I have Nissan Leaf because in our country is problem to buy Zoe with batteries, they are only for rent. I think Zoe has better air resistance because of its design, the Leaf is too wide.
On the other side, I have Leaf for 2 years and it is great car. When there will be more fast-chargers, it would be the best car. (for those who doesnt have money for Tesla, of course:D)