Looking for a Charger - dying batteries

I’ve got an external Schauer JAC1372H offboard charger I’ve been using on Trojan FLAs with a degree of success until here recently. This car in question typically sits for a couple of weeks between rides and it appears we’ve had a surge or brown out, as the battery meter shows 20% and the charger indicates its in the maintain mode. I moved outlets and the charger kicked on, but reverted to maintain mode in less than 5 mins. We also lost a fridge in the garage since we were there last which is why I think we’ve had a surge or something similar.

I’ve checked the cells and each one is 13.8 on the multimeter. The batteries are less than 18mo old. Water level looks good on the plates as well.

I’ve been wanting to replace the charger and go with an onboard solution, but would like to switch out with something that will also support a lithium upgrade (likely green cells) in the near future. Anyone have one they are selling?

What year is your GEM? Talk to @Inwo, he sells new Delta-Q chargers than can be loaded with algorithms to support different battery types.

The one in question is a 2007 e6

Why do you believe it is the charger? If all your batteries are showing 13.8V then your charger is reacting correctly and your capacity meter is what seems to be off for some reason.

I’ll check it out but regardless, I’ve been looking to replace the offboard charger for an onboard unit. I’m going to run it this weekend and see what I can figure out.

Buy a delta q from www.evdrives.com The standard delta q is $180 shipped or you can get the one with a built in dc to dc convertor for $275 shipped. Both will support lithium.

your gauge is out of calibration

I’ve recalibrated the gauge and will monitor to see if there are other issues. Thanks all for the feedback.