Looking for a 2016 front fascia in white…

The shipper didn’t tie the car down enough when it was moved from @Inwo to me, so I’m now in the market for a white front end. Does anyone have any leads on any?


Oh, and I’m in the Palm Springs area …

I asked Miami if they were available. I need one as well. I’d take yours. Easier to fix than mine.

I thought Miami wouldn’t ship them? Or at least that’s what their website said?

I didn’t know that. They ship the roof.

Huh. I’ll call tomorrow!

Gem Cars of Miami will ship you pretty much any part if they don’t have it they can order it from WaEV and WaEV ships directly to you from Los Angles

Thanks @grantwest - they didn’t have any in stock, but when I mentioned drop-shipping she took the order and even saved me some shipping since it only has to go LA to Palm Springs… :slight_smile: