Lithium chargers for Gems

I have New Deltaq chargers that are setup for Lithium installs. These will work for older and newer Gems 2001-2015. They come with the proper cables and adapters to keep the interlock and charge led’s working properly. They can be setup for lead now and then updated to Lithium in the future if desired.


I have a 2003 gem on Sanibel that I use as a beach car. I’d like to upgrade it to lithium for added range and speed so it can be used as a true second vehicle on the island. I’ve looked at all the cool installs you guys do, but not sure I have the confidence to tackle it myself. Is there a shop in SW FL that will do a lithium upgrade?

I have a guy on sanibel with a 2014 Gem and lithium upgrade. He drives it every where. Do you have a 2 or 4 passenger?

will it do 84v lith. how hard to convert from wet to lith, thanks

IT takes some electrical knowledge to do it. The most important part of a lithium conversion is the design. You can’t just throw some together and hope it works. Need to determine what pack voltage you want and then how many cells you will need(also depends on which type of lithium you are going to use). Once the cells are spec’d you will need a BMS and a charger set for the correct voltage.

chargers can be programmed from 82v to 96v depending on number of cells.

Clarification. around 2010 Gem changed the charger to include a Dc to dc charger. Those are different chargers. I have a few of them but it will require you to send me your old one so I can swap the cable over (it is proprietary from Gem)