Lithium Batteries - $200/each

I have 4 lithium batteries that I purchased from @Inwo that installed to see if it would fix my power loss issues and it did not. I swapped them out and put the old lead acid ones to sell it.

If you need more @inwo can provide more to complete a set. Asking $200/each. Would prefer to sell all 4.


Not buying, but just wondering what a set of these for a 2016+ would give in terms of range and performance. And you would need a new charge controller too right?

I would connect with @inwo. I never was able to use these. I believe he told me around 25 miles of range. The old charger should work.

I have a set of 25s in a 2002. Works fine with the existing T2 controller. I did replace the Zivan charger with a DeltaQ as it has multiple algorithms installed. I have gone as far as 20 miles on a charge, never run it totally out. I usually do 5-10 miles regularly without any issue. Love them, after disc brake upgrade best mod I have done.