Links pack

it appears that for some reason my links pack is riding lower than normal. So low that the rack part gets caught under the fender at times. It appears that it has alway been low from the marks on the inside of fender. (rubbing) Compared to pics i have seen online, i would say 3-5 inches lower/back. any thooughts… Could it be shocks/springs? its 2001 model with like 1000 hours on it? getting ready to repalce all 6 batteries soon.

Can you post a photo of your GEM? Those years had a droop issue on the front suspension causing tire wear on the outsides.

will post soon… this is on the BACK side, where the LINKS PACK is attached and no the front… thanks

got pack off… it appears that the locking mechanism is bad. there for maybe not holding unit up… inside (between fiberglass/seat, it looks like that area bracket may be bent? cant tell… how do i get in there… i started to take some bolts out… didnt work. surely a way to go in fromt seat side? looks like to take off from back the rear fender has to be removed… maybe more than my mech skills. i have a good mech friend though. will have him look at… ANY SUGGESTIONS for us. thanks

appears to be the locking mechanism or the bracket between the seat and fiberglass back… i cant see in there… any ideas on how to get off…

I will be watching this to see how you make out opening it up for service. In the spring when mine comes out of storage I will be addressing this. The handle on my latch is inoperable.
If the mount on the club rack is mounted the same way as my storage box (and it is to the best of my knowledge) it shouldn’t be able to slide down. Is the basket beny from repeated usage?

Now that I look again, how could this rub there? Is your a different deign than this? Can you post a picture of the rack installed so we can see it on the car and it’s design? Is there a chance you have one of the “narrow track” version GEM?

Here is the current design…

I do have a narrow one. 2000 I think (maybe 01)… However, i think beacuse the bracket between the seat/back fiberglass was bent, and not locked correctly, (also missing a nut) on the eyelet adjustment, allowed it to sag…

I bought the cart from a widow in Vegas, and the rack was on it. I hope that with adjustment it will sit correctly… I didnt even think about the back being narrower. But i know it is. We (my mech friend) took the back seat cushion off, instead of back panel… easy acess then. I will ask how, and i will post pic once its fixed…

what year did the back width change

also just noticed, that my lock is on the TOP and not back, but i would still think you could get seat off and go in that way…

I am not sure what years the narrow version was available. I believe they were made alongside the standard version. It appears to be just a shorter wheel width in the rear. I am not sure of the purpose of the narrow version.
The lock on mine is also vertical. It is a handle like you might find on a pickup truck topper. I also attempted to remove the rear panel once last fall with no joy. I didn’t have a chance yet to check access from the seat back. I will try that as soon as I get her out of winter storage.

looks like the way to do it is from the seat side… i think there are 2 bolts on the seatback its self… removed the seat bottom. then at the bottom, you will see 2 bolt heads… then he top is held on by the brake/tail light area screws. hope this helps… HOPEFULLY mine will be back together soon.

anyone konw what year, (or why) or how to determine the wheel width of certain models. I think my links pack rubs beacuse the back is narrower. Front (inside measurement) of wheel is 36in and back is 28in.

got it all hooked back it… i guess i have a narrower rear axle than other years… Not sure how many years they had to or the shorter one. So in the meantime, i cracked up my links pack pretty good. I would like to know if anyone has one (just need the bottom really) for sale… or ideas on how to MAKE a bottom. thanks