Linksback or aftermarket Golf bag holder for GEM

Looking for a Golf Bag holder for my 2000 GEM. Any help out there?

I will keep a eye out for one the show up from time to time on C list they sell for around $200 + shipping
Ill simply post the add or info.

Thank you. Much appreciated!

The guy I bought my Gem from has one. He’s in Mesa AZ.

Dan @ 480 570-5709

That’s wonderful. I’m in Florence and will give him a call in the morning.

Thank you so much!

Anytime. Hope it works out :wink:

I have a “Linkspak” for sale, like new condition, came with my 2005 GEM e2, think they fit multiple years. Looking for a “Swivelpak”, the rear white lockable trunk that fits the same 3 point mount on most GEMs, I believe. Asking $200 or happy to work out a trade, value for value. Please shoot me email if interested and I’ll send you pics!


Hi Gerald,

Would be happy to make a trade if we can. I am in Florence Arizona.