Cracked Fender

Hi All,
So we purchased a custom 2002 e825 gem. It took about 6 weeks for a full frame up customization. We had it delivered about a month ago and we’re excited. It looked amazing. But after about 1 week we noticed there were several severe cracks in the rear fender, there were so many it could not be repaired. There were none when we got it delivered. I called the guy who did the build and showed him the pictures and he said it had to have been hit or stepped on. So I asked him to get me another and match the paint, which he did. When I got this one I checked it out with a fine tooth comb, it was perfect. So I put it on and now after 3 rides with about 20 miles total I now have another crack. I am devastated after paying to have a custom build and then another 700 for the second fender and now another crack.

My driving is on paved roads with no passengers. No way anything touched this fender. The cracks are by the two back top bolts in the big pads.

Anyone ever experience anything like this. At first I thought maybe because I had others in the back seat, but this second time there were no riders.

Any ideas on cause or what I can do to prevent further damage. I am waiting to hear from the builder, he is reputable and has a lot of experience and has never seen a fender crack that way.

Please any help?

Early GEM’s rear fenders were attached to the rear suspension. Normal suspension movement is what is causing the cracks. IT is a simple process to connect the fender mountings to the frame and eliminate this problem. Material cost is less than 10 dollars.

I did mine when I bought the cart 2 years ago and I have had no problems. If you want to do it I can take a couple of pictures from underneath that will make it clearer to you. Its a really simple project.


Hi Donald,
That would be great. Anything will help. Is it the vibration that causes this if so you would think this would be a more common problem and my builder says he has never seen anything like this in over 1,000 builds.
If I connect fender to frame will the tires now move with the suspension and hit the fender since it would be moving independent of each other instead of with each other?
Any info would be appreciated, thanks…Tim