Cracked fender repair

Hi All,
So I have a crack on the top of my 2002 rear fender. One is a double crack at one bolt hole and the other is about 6" long going left/right behind the other top bolt hole.

My question is what is he best way to repair these so they do not get any bigger. I have researched online and have come to the conclusion that most say to get a piece of ABS plastic and use ABS cement and glue piece from the underside.

I have some .177 abs and .236 to use, which would be best?

Has anybody done this and did it work, or does anybody have a better idea for repair?

Still learning how to post pics so this is what I have for now

Any help would be appreciated, thanksā€¦Tim

Here is a pic of the other cracks.

Sorry about first pic, you just have to put your head on your left shoulder and it will look betteršŸ˜³

I use 2 layers of fiberglass cloth on the back side and grindout and Bondo the top.

This will keep happening until you mount the brackets to the frame. Being mounted on the suspension tears them up. Common problem on early models.

10 bucks in material and some labor eleminates this problem.

As the Boater says-Fiberglass is the best for underside repair as it will contour better than ABS, Suggest you put a good size patch around the bolt hole to provide future help. Better yet is to attach brackets to the frame as Boater suggests. He is the man when it comes to the Gem!!!