Gem floor crack

I have a crack in my floor by the gas pedal can someone tell me how to repair? Is it fiberglass or plastic? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

What year is your Gem

It is a 2002 the crack is on the floor board above the gas pedal area.

Don’t know if this helps but if I were to get a crack in one of my cymbals (drum set), I would drill a 1/8" hole at each end of the crack to keep it from spreading further. Someone else here on the forum may be able to suggest the best way to repair it.

1999 cars were Fiberglass
2001 and up are Plastic. I believe the gas pedal section of the floor has a Black ABS plastic support. It helps strengthen a otherwise week section of the pan. If the aera where the crack is not supported or you can get to from the back side your in luck. I have used this stuff and it’s worked real well. Everywhere I tryed to fiberglass and repair later cracked and had to be re-Repaired. This stuff works

Start by back filling or glueing the crack and get a support piece of plastic to brace the back side of the crack . Clean and Sand the back side of the crack real good so the Glue sticks and the sanding will give the glue somthing to grab onto. A smooth surface will just
Pop right off.

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I have had good luck with Once the back is supported and glued and dry, take a Dremmel tool and (V” out) using the dremmel to create a deep grove that follows the crack. Then take the glue and press it into the crack. You can use a razor blade to push it into the crack. I leave a bit more then flush because the glue shrinks like 5%
And then you can sand it smooth if you like. Hopefully the crack is coverd by the floor mat

The tip about drilling a hole at the ends of the crack is a critical step. I learned that working on military aircraft in my younger days. It will stop the crack from being able to continue after your repair. Do that with the smallest drill bit you can that will fully cover the width of the crack and then follow Grant’s method. You will find the repair is much stronger that way.