Can you plastic weld body panels?

I was just given a 2002 GEM E4 and the rear fenders body panel is cracked. Can I plastic weld it? What kind of plastic is it? I have a hot air plastic welder and am competent using it. If I can do this I plan on repainting it. Thanks for any advice.

This has come up before and I honestly can’t remember if anything was determined if it’s welding it or junking it, why not just try welding it

If you use the wrong plastic rod, it will not bond together and the weld basically will just fall apart. I did a fairing on a Suzuki GSXR a few years ago and could not get the right rod to make it stick.

Well, it sounds like you have an entire fender to experiment with then.

I have found that Loctite Epoxy Plastic Bonder works very good and fixing cracked or snapped in half plastics. It has worked for me every time I have used it. Highly recommend giving it a try.
Loctite ® Epoxy Plastic (

I have found the same as @David_Illingworth - it works well, I have also reinforced cracked areas with the Locitite and a piece of cut up credit card or rewards card on the back side.

That’s where my credit card went


@LithiumGods - If you use the wifes’ card you might save even more in the long run.


I haven’t used the extra plastic for support but that’s a great idea and one of the wife’s credit cards disappearing is a win win. A few weeks ago my water softener stopped working. I found a plastic valve inside had broken in half. Of course you can’t buy the valve so I used this stuff to glue it back together. It’s as good as new.

Use body panel adhesive on the back side with some aluminum sheet as backer. Be sure to scuff the aluminum with some 36 or 80 grit.

I have a related problem folks. Have a 05 GEM ES and after 15 years of flawless performance - the flooring began to crack up behind the brake pedal. Thought it normal wear and tear, so had the floor replaced a couple years ago for about $1500. After 6 months of gentle use - the floor failed again in same area! Took it back to POLARIS dealer and they graciously replaced the flooring and checked the frame for clues to why it failed again - at no cost to me. Yesterday, 6 months hence there is ANOTHER crack same place!!! Anyone have any ideas what the root cause is please???

Can you post a few pics? Maybe even underside too?