Lead-acid appearance lithium battery 12V for sale

Hi friends,

We have developed the lead-acid appearance lithium battery.

The lead-acid appearance lithium battery is much better than lead-acid battery:

Lighter in weight, and smaller in size, the cost for shipping is cheaper; the specific energy is larger, the specific power is higher, and the energy density is higher; self-discharge is less, and can storage the energy for a longer time; have no memory effect, and can use a longer time; the cycle characteristics is better, and the cycle life is longer; can rapidly discharge in a higher current, and the efficiency is higher; the electrical energy efficiency for charge and discharge is higher, and the charging time is shorter; the operating temperature range is wider; green and clean, and is friendly to the environment.

Shenzhen SanYi Doctor Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional big manufacturer of lithium batteries in Shenzhen, China. Can produce and design all kinds of batteries for you. And can offer the best price and good quality.

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Thank you very much.

I also want to be one of the members in this community. And share my battery knowledge with people, and learn battery knowledge from each other. About the Buy Sell, I am glad to talk with the administration. I promise that I will learn and observe the rules of the community and try my best be a good member.

Thank you very much again.

Much appreciate for your kindness.

I am very glad to share my battery knowledge with members in this community. I promise that I will learn and observe the rules of the community and try my best be a good member.

Thank you very much for what you did.

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@China_battery - Welcome. We look forward to your contribution and participation.

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I would like to see specifications and pricing information on these batteries.

On other forums that I belong to, pricing is required on any items or services listed. I for one like that policy.