Key Blank for 2016 e6 GEM car

Hi, first post. I’m a maintenance guy for a small resort and we have 3 GEMs for picking up guests. The big one is a 2016 e6 with doors windows. We also have an open e6 and a smaller e4. I got here and there were only one set of keys for each GEM. I wanted some spares and was able to pull the numbers from the ignitions and glove boxes and go to Midwest Key and get some spares. The 2016 does not have any numbers on the ignition and I’m having a problem trying to find a replacement key blank. I’ve been using the ILCO catalog to try to match up mine but no luck. The local dealer got me a Polaris part that did not fit. Anyone know what is the type of key blank for this? Dealer says we have to change the entire ignition.

Yes key blank Polaris PN:4016506. Retail $17.99

I tried that key and it does not fit in my ignition switch. The parts guy at the local dealer, Fox Motors said I have to get a new ignition switch. Ordered those parts and will have to see how this all works when the parts get here.

My initial key purchase from the dealer came with 2 keys connected to each other. The 2nd time I ordered I got 2 sets of keys and one matched up to the one I needed to duplicate

I did order the replacement switch and that shipped with 2 Keys

The above is the correct part number