Replacement ignition switch

I accidentally left my Key on. I guess it got hot and burnt out. I took the switch apart and there is a removable electronic component. I removed it and it was all black and burnt looking. My question is can I just replace this plastic blue piece or do I need to order a complete new switch (key and all)
If so where can I get one?


For a new key switch try KS6040 or KS6115 NAPA Auto Parts (about $14). The dealer wants about ten times as much for the original switch.

See the “list” below for more alternative parts.


It would be nice to “find” the blue removable electronic part that burns out. That way you could just replace the bad part and keep your original keys. I only had one key for my car. There was a guy selling a stock replacement ignition on eBay. It can with 3 keys. I had to pay $60 bucks for it but it came here fast and was a direct replacement.