Jeep Wrangler

Last summer I built an electric 1998 Jeep Wrangler some of the specs are, HPEVS ac 75 motor, 1238 Curtis controller, 36 lithium ion 180ah CALB cells, original drive train aka 4wd. I have a little over 10,000 miles on it with no issues. What’s left to do? I want to try and convert the original gauges to monitor the new functions or add some new funky gauge panel. Though I like the original look. I also need to augment my heating system. The 1500w electric coils in my heater core are fine to keep the windshield clear but not so much for keeping passengers warm, let alone the driver.

Tell us about performance and range


That is the important part, sorry I missed it. Full range is around 65 miles in decent weather, PA winter weather it is more like 50-55. I am sure it could be enhanced if I heat the batteries in the winter. It has the general performance as the original 6 cyl. If I use all 5 gears. Around town second and fourth gears are all I need.the tourque is much better and it takes a little getting used to in snow as It is super easy to spin the wheels. We’re I would normally use low range 4wd in the gas jeep, I can use high range in the eJeep. Top speed is around 75 mph, Jeeps are like pushing a sail through the wind anyway.