It’s time to Replace my Trojan SSC225’s

I’m at the point I need to replace my Trojan SSC225 batteries and I don’t know if I should upgrade to GEL, Lithium or just stay with the wet SSC225’s. I have a 2002 E2 with a Delta Q charger 912-7200. What’s the best route to go without having to give my left arm and reprogramming the Delta Q charger?

Trojan T1275s 150 AH, my choice for the capacity and ruggedness


Rodney is right. The T-1275s are nice if your gonna replace with Flooded lead acid. Everyone I know has forgot to keep the water topped off and destroyed a set of battery’s. so get a auto water system that keeps them full or Don’t get flooded lead acid.

If you don’t want to get the Auto water system for your Flooded battery’s Get some Gell battery’s

Yeah, I was looking at them. I think the run time will help me enjoy it more. Trojan T1275 sounds like the ticket for me! Got to find the best price near Charlotte, North Carolina. Now for the famous Delta Q charger… I’m tired of screwing around with the D Q charger. They could have made it a lot eaiser to change the profiles. Thinking about going with a Quick Charge SC07210 Select a Charge $402.80 with Temperature Compensation $15.00, Drive Lockout $15.00 and Remote LED. This is the same charger as R4F advertises for a couple hundred dollars more. The benefits of not having to worry about over charging the batteries and the other benefits of slow turn on charge cycle, automatic trickle charge once a week if needed to keep your batteries topped off, Equalization program and 5 Charge Profiles w/ 5 programming adjustments that can be “easily” made to the profiles. This charger is designed for gel, wet cell, AGM, and Lithium Ion batteries.
At my age, I want to ride the dog around and not screw with the charging system or batteries. Yes dear, I know I’ll have to check the water… LOL What do you guys think? Am I heading in the right direction?

Any recommendations on a good auto water system?

No I have only seen them on random websites

The Trojan water system works fine.

Quick Charge is my “Go To” choice for chargers. If Your DQ is in working condition Its worth $250 to $300 which will help ease the pain. If you do the above your set for 5 plus years.

I had a watering system it worked fine although it was busy on top of the batteries.

Currently I use a squeeze bulb and a couple pieces of 1/4 tubing.


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Charger & batteries ordered today. Looking forward to installing them. I hope I can figure out how to keep the LED on the dash working…