2007 e4 Battery Problems

My 2007 e4 sat for the last 6 months and the Trojan T1275 batteries dried up. The car has no sign of life at the moment but it ran pretty well in the spring when last used.

  1. Are they salvageable? If so, what is the best process to rejuvenate them (other than just adding distilled water)?
  2. If not salvageable, should I replace with the same batteries or cheaper alternate? If alternate, which battery gives the best bang for the buck?
  3. If I change to a Gel or AGM, what changes (and how to make them) to the charger are required?
  4. Should the batteries be charged independently before installing or can I just install them and hook up the onboard charger?

I average about 10 miles a day when driving it regularly which I plan on doing again. Thanks in advance for the advice.

You might try watering them up and charging them individually with an automotive charger.

IMOH T1275’s are hard to beat.

If you change types of batteries the charging algorhytm has to be changed. Can be as simple as changing a switch setting, to reprogramming, to sending the charger in for a $70 internal update.

I’ second Houseboater’s suggestion, if they didn’t freeze during that time.
I also have the Trojan 1275’s and my personal opinion is to stick with those although, I was told that the factory Delta Q charger isn’t adequate for getting the maximum out of the 150amp batteries. I ended up getting a super charger from “Ride 4 Fun” after my charger quit on me and I’m very happy with it.

I wasn’t overjoyed with the DQ in my last cart. Got a Zivan in the present cart. Happy Happy Happy. If your flooded batteries arent using any water Your charger is undercharging, Continued undercharging hastens sulphation and reduced life.