ISO - headlights (2013 E6)

The ring on my headlights (not the hard mount that bolts to hood) have corroded to the point that the screw and springs are floating in the air and not holding the headlights. Let the light bounce around and broke the filaments on the bulbs.

The fun of rebuilding a GEM.

Shipping to Va.


Why not just replace with LED driving light fixtures? Better light and no worries about finding old gem parts.

Lots of threads on here about it.

My headlight buckets and assembly is corroded and swapping LED bulbs won’t work. I have the “oval” holes and prefer to have the OEM.

I didn’t mean LED drop in lamps, I meant entire led fixtures. Like this

Depending on the year, you might be able to retain the factory plastic bezel.

If you can’t find a look you like tbough, I can certainly understand

LED aftermarket headlights on my 2002 GEM made a world of difference. Can actually see the road now.

Is this what you are looking for? I replaced mine a few years ago. You don’t want to know how many days I spent trying to hunt these down since Polaris said they couldn’t get this style

PERFECT!!! Thanks for link! Need to have two working headlights that don’t wobble around when driving.

Our city is overdone with street lights, just need two operational headlights showing when I flip the switch.

Looks like I got their last ones, these are less cost than others for same item.


Sounds great, I just need two working headlights that don’t wobble. The metal bracket around mine are non-functionable. Don’t need LED for our area of travel.

Unfortunately the price has gone up considerably since I bought mine, I think I paid about $20 each