Is Nissan still committed to the electric car market?

There is some speculation in the press today that Nissan is looking to backtrack on its significant investment in the electric car market in favour of the hybrid market. This has obviously caught the attention of many journalists around the world and many people who are yet again predicting the demise of the electric car market. So where does this leave Nissan?

It makes obvious business sense for Nissan to hedge its bets in the short to medium term, as the electric vehicle market continues to grow, and also bring in the hybrid market. The very fact that the company is looking to triple the number of charging points in America over the next 18 months is enough of a commitment to the electric vehicle market to allay fears of a downturn in the short term.

In many ways car companies around the world have invested too much money to turn back now and the electric vehicle market is set to grow significantly even against the backdrop of a very difficult worldwide economic situation.

I don’t think so