Nissan e-Power a change of strategy

Nissan Changes Strategy

When Nissan launched the world’s most popular battery electric powered vehicle back in 2010, the Nissan Leaf was seen as the way forward for the company. In effect, Nissan had decided to jump straight from gasoline vehicles to fully electric powered vehicles, therefore, missing out the hybrid market. However, Nissan has now announced plans to release the Nissan Note e-Power which is a gasoline powered hybrid vehicle.


Smart move. I have been saying for the past 3 years Hybrids are the smartest move for the next 10 years and beyond. This is for the same reason Pure Electrics faded from the marketplace back in the 20’s. Pure and simple “Time to refuel” and availability of fueling stations. My Girl friend sold her Leaf simply because of the range limitation of pure electrics. GM and Toyota got it right.

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@Old_Houseboater - You’re making a believer out of me. I am sure the all electric motor will hold its own down the road. But how far down the road? I am not sure, and your conviction is tempting.

There are many articles which attempt to forecast the rate in which electric cars will enter the marketplace. Few try to outline or predict the infrastructure required to keep up with this growth.

I think you may have a point in that the petro-station infrastructure is not just going to go away. It will continue to serve a purpose if hybrids become a norm.

Our Heading says “Electric Forum” We promote Electric Transportation. IMHO with that as our mission, comes the responsibility to report on ALL facets of the subject. There are those among us that are ultra enthusiasts, interested observers, detractors, etc.

My Engineering background would categorize me as interested, enthusiastic, realist. I worked on forward projects most of my Career. To bring something new to market surely requires enthusiasm but in the end REALISM rules.

What say you?