Is Honda hedging its bets?

While many traditional fuel car manufacturers have gone headlong into the electric vehicle market, amid signs of mass-market acceptance, there is speculation that Honda is hedging its bets with a move towards hybrid vehicles and possibly next-generation hydrogen fuel cell cars. Is this a clever move by Honda or could it lead to the company rejoining the electric vehicle market far too late to make a difference?

Even though the Honda Fit EV is selling very well in the US, the company seems more focused on hybrid vehicles than any other area of new technology.

i agree with you … it’s a good idea

It’s intelligent choice, sir, in the future is better other size

I firmly believe that Hybrids are the future. The big reason is the present fuel supply (fossil/electric) structure will support Hybrids with no massive investment.

An interesting article interview which covers the issue of hybrids:-

Interview: Roger Griffiths, Team Principal Formula E Andretti Autosport

His views are my views.

He certainly makes a lot of sense.

electric vehicles are going to overtake gas vehicles so i say its good for them