Hello to All,

I’m a Ford Think owner. Got a sweet one. There’s a Think Guru in Palm Springs that redid mine. I bought it from my brother in law. Upgraded cluster, 4 seat motor in the 2 seater, big rims, low profiles and it works… well it finally had an issue.

Stopped and I thought it’s time to learn about this thing or I’m gonna have to pay extra for being stupid.

I think the gearbox went out last night. I’m going in and would love any thougts, videos or expertise. Everything turns on, put in go and it looks like your gonna move. Speedometer goes like you are. Hear the motor moving, just not connecting power to the half shafts.

That’s what led me to gearbox.

Thank again for any help and please don’t think anything is too dumb to think to mention. I know it’s not a cluster, controller or motor issue, or think I do.

Be safe and thank again,



The quickest thing to do is pull the motor and check the splines. Then go from there.

Let us know what you find.



The quickest thing to do is pull the motor and check the splines. Then go from there.

Let us know what you find.


Any chance there’s an exploded view of the area down there?


Ford Think Service Manuals

Lots of choices on the Web.

Here’s one

2002 Ford Think Neighbor - the best NEV around



Also, think I have a lead on the repair too. Will keep you all posted.

So I reached out to Sean in The Palm Springs area of CA. If you don’t know, he’s truly The Man when it comes to these. Told him the issue and he said it sounded like the half shaft. Said that he has only had a couple break out of the hundreds he’s worked on.

Sure enough, it’s separated from the hub. That’s why it was still showing mph.

He pointed me to a guy named Scott who repairs half shafts. He also has a process to upgrade the standard half shafts for a pretty reasonable rate. You can also buy an upgraded replacement from him which is what I’ve opted to do. He was awesome and even calling on a Saturday at 5pm, I heard him crunching numbers and I swear he even added a small discount.

There’s a guy making a CV jointed Halfshaft now, but they are a bit pricey.

You gotta love these guys who do it cuz they love it!!!

Message me for any numbers or details and thank you for the directions.

Thank you for getting back to us with the solution. Not everybody does.

I’m gonna try to do some video when I remove it so folks can see it and maybe do the repair themselves. It’s supposed to be a easy to moderate repair. Plus anyone out there with one of these should know that this can happen. I am not sure if the bigger wheels/spacers caused more torque on the joint or what, but it’s always nice to know how to do it. Now feeling comfortable doing it is a different call.

Thanks again,

Just read all of your posts - that info will be very helpful to others as well.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop.