Interstate AGMs

My used EL came with new DCM0090 batteries. A search shows these to be AGM.
I’ve been running DQ #32
Range seems low and charger faults toward the end. Voltage is 77.7 after sitting.
Last night I used a charger with DQ #8 Concorde100ah AGM. Only slightly higher at 78.5.
It finished the cycle and took much longer to charge. Peaking at 86 volts during charge.

It seems that #32 may not be the best choice. 32 is for DEKA EV31 dv/dt
No G or A in the model #, so they are flooded? Found references in online forums but nothing from Deka.

I have the #8 profile and seem to be able to add it to newer Gem chargers.

Dave you should have profile #8 installed for AMG’s

Trying that now.

those batteries should be charged bet 14.5 - 14.9v per battery .

Right now I have to use a different DQ that runs with #8.

I can add #8 to Gem DQ but it won’t work with new profiles.