Intermittent Problem

I have a 2000 E4 I bought used in 2012 that I’ve put a new charger, controller, motor, batteries, and tires on over the last year. Really having fun! From time to time over the last year, I would hear a click and the car would stop, trying to start/stop the ignition and putting the emergency brake on/off would somehow enable it to start again and all would be well. Was out for a fairly long ride the other day (charge was at 68 after starting at 100) and heard a click, things completely shut off and the display read -0015 (which I understand means a battery issue). I played around with the ignition key and it started back, however the horn sound you hear when you leave the emergency brake on was present the whole time. I had to repeat this about 5 times to go 2 miles home. During this time the display is flashing from showing the speed to off, but never shows the charge. I could fiddle around with the emergency brake and sometimes get the horn sound to stop, but it was present most of the time. Also noticed a burning smell that smelled like brakes or I guess it could be the horn as it was on for a while. I got a battery tester and checked all the batteries which all tested fine. The clicking sound is positively coming from the contactor, I think its called, its a large relay piece on the driver side under the dash.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Check the small switch mounted to the parking brake. These need adjustment over time and will cause the -11 error among other issues. There is a slot to allow adjustment of the switch. Going over bumps also causes the switch to open.


Thanks, I will take a look, are the error codes 0011 and 0015 related? I had the 0015 error code.

They are not related. -15 is low battery. -11 is throttle switch closed.