Intermittent loss of power

Could this be my accelerator pedal acting up here? The GEM just started doing this… we’ll be cruising along, 25-27mph (stock motor/electronics, fully charged), pedal to the metal if you will, and the GEM will suddenly slow as if we lifted our foot off the pedal. The slowdown will only be 1-3 seconds, and then back to full power. For a 1-2 mile drive it might do it 2-4 times… then the next day it might not do it at all.

I’ve never taken apart the accelerator before. It’s a 2001 e4. Any suggestions, or tips are welcome!

Thank you,

Have the same issue here, after installing a new micro switch on the pedal the was giving me a code 11 ran for a couple of days then it started to just loose power on the run with a long steady beep sound and have to reset it to restart!