Intermittent DC-DC Converter

I bought a low mileage 2000 E825 in December, and it has an intermittent problem that I’m hoping someone here can help me diagnose. Every week or two, the DC-DC converter stops working (so no 12v accessories). If I leave the master battery disconnect switch open overnight, it sometimes comes back, sometimes not. Sometimes it comes back to life on its own.

Any ideas?

Unplug all connections to converter and spray with contact cleaner. Several times.

I cleaned the connector pins and sockets with CRC contact cleaner - still have the problem. Any other ideas?

Is it the same Shure 72V converter that is on the newer cars? I might have a used one to sell.

It’s working again now. I’ll contact you if it craps out again.

My Indicator lights come on w/ brake pedal and all accessories stop working? Any ideas?