Intermittent charging 2007 e4

This is getting more common but not always happening.

I plug the car in and it begins charging, within 3 - 4 minutes the charger on board meter’s yellow LED’s will begin to show a slowing down of the charge level until the lowest rate of charge is reached. The charge will then error by blinking the red LED. When I unplug the charger and wait 15 seconds before plugging the charger again the car will normally charge to a full charge just like normal.

I hope I included all the info needed, I’m new here, Thanks for any help
E4 Gem 2007

Hi. Just a possible thought. I’m not sure but I think the chargers may have a sensor that detect thermal changes that can go crazy. Just thinking. Barry

A 2007 GEM with flooded batteries will almost definitely need new batteries by 2013. Even with gel batteries it’s not unusual to get only 5 years life from them and you’re pushing 6-7 years.

In other words, you probably have one or more weak batteries and should start looking for a replacement set ($$$$$).

I had the same problem and it turned out to be the thermal sensor, replaced it and all is good. However, I have new flooded Trojan batteries and I have to agree with Bob, you might be looking at a new set of batteries:nod:


The charger used in 2005 and newer GEMs is junk. Have not even found a place that works on them. Charge and then check each battery carefully. It will be helpful to know exactly what flash sequence the charger is showing.


His batteries are only 3.5 yrs old and are the 8A31DTM Deka batteries. I don’t know if this changes anything, just trying to help out as I know the EV.