Installing new batterys

Hi , Got my new Deka gels ordered. I would like any dos and donts changing out set in my 2011 e2. Algo is set for gels this is main reason I only got about 2 years on set of agms my local dealer installed without changing charger.

Every one pay attention to hat this member said. If you have AGM,s you need to be set on #13 (flooded) NOT 14.(GEL) Most GEM carts do NOT have an AGM setting.

I get about 5 good years on a set of OE 8G31 batteries. The last couple tiimes I ordered them it took awhile because they were not stocking them anymore. The 8G31DT is the same battery but the terminals are only 5/16" compared to the oE 3/8". The dual terminal model also interferes with the later design battery hold-down brackets, so between those 2 issues, I will wait for them to build a set of the stock 8G31 .

OK I got all 6 of those heavy gel batteries installed charging now looks good.Anyone that is going to change batteries on e2 I found if you take out front 4 first you can slide back two under seat then turn them straight up to remove small acess panel I don’t think was suppose to be battery removal just maintaince port. Make sure you have strong back and arms before you try this.Now if I can find some place to take my gem to get it up to 35 and register speed correctly.In north Carolina will bring it to you just let me know price and location thanks again yall.