New Deka batteries

Hope to be getting my new Deka gel batteries in about a week or so. Other than changing the switch on the charger, are there any other preparations that I should consider? Thanks!

Curious what are you paying for the Deka battery’s are u getting Gell or Agm

Deka 8G31 gel batteries…was able to get a discount through work…right under $200 each.

Oops…I meant the Napa equivalent…getting them for right under $200 each.

That’s a good deal. The Napa gel group 31 and the Deka are the same battery. West Marine sells the same battery under the SeaVolt brand.

I unplugged the charger, turned off the master switch, and removed the old batteries. Are there any preparations that I need to take care of before I install the new ones, other than changing the switch on the charger?

Just make sure all your battery’s are in the same vintage ( they all have the same born on date) you don’t want battery’s that a 6 months apart ect. If you had the time it would be nice to charge each one individually to full b4 installing that way you could insure your pack ( all 6 battery’s) are full and even, then let the stock charger take over. Make sure your positives and Negs are are correct. Then yes hit the switch.
Let us all know what kind of range you are now getting with your new battery’s.

Will do! Thanks!

I was finally able to go for a test drive with the new NAPA 8272 gel batteries installed. WOW! What a difference! The power was steady and very strong, and I returned home (just a 2 mile test run) but the batteries still had 100% charge! That never happened before! Very happy with my choice! I’ll report more later on, when I’m able to really test the cart on longer trips! Thanks for all the help!

Not sure if this is true with Gell and AGM but FLA battery’s need to be broken in ( 10-20) charge cycles before you get the battery’s full potential. ( this info was passed down from Jim at R4F) it would be great if someone could do “the Pepsi Challange” with all the diffrent battery’s. Because each gem has so many variables weight and terrain being the 2 biggest, it would be awesom for a controlled test with a stock car on flat terrain to install battery brand x and do 20 cycles recording Milage on a set corse with amount of discharge. Example lets say you did a 10 mile loop with a set speed of like 25mph. Record the state of charge at the end of the trip and then do the same test with brand Y battery’s

That’s a great idea! Different battery types may suit different cars/drivers differently. I’d be interested in seeing the results of a controlled test like that!

I just replace my batteries with Deka gels and my SOC meter never goes down from 100% even after 8 miles. Did your system start giving credible SOC readings after a few cycles?

I started having trouble within a year of purchasing the new batteries. I finally got tired of dealing with the issue, and sold the vehicle.

^^ I’m guessing you have a 2001 Gem with a T-1 Controler. The Early gems with T-1’s
Did not have updated software or the ability to accurately read the state of charge (soc) when owners switched from Flooded batterys to Gel. That’s why your dash gauge is reading 100% after a 2 mile ride. I have had 2 cars that used to have Flooded lead acid and then got Gell batterys and both of them did what you described. Sorry but your gauge is not telling the truth.

Have you tried F-14 and F-15 to correct reading?

my 2005 controller is a ge 1C3645R7A353T3 so I assume I have a T3 controller. And what is meant by trying F-14 and F-15? is this a programming mode? Pardon my ignorance. I am 6 months into the GEM world.

Sorry, reply was for Gwest.

Yes function 14 and 15 in programming, may help soc gauge.
Rodney has played with those settings.

Those settings have no effect in my 2008 and 2010 gems.
They both have adjustable soc indicators that can be set to 99% when battery is full.

The reason I played with the settings was to try to match the rate of discharge to what was left at the end of the ride. I had a amp meter so I had a bit of guidance. With a little patience you can come pretty close if your in flat country and your driving habits are substantially uniform.

I have mine set to show a little more usage when running than actual so I don’t get turtled