Gell Battery break in?

I had a set of Deka Gell batterys. They were 5 years old and started loosing range. I just bought a New set of Deka gells. The new batterys don’t seem any more OR as strong as my old Deka’s. Should I be worried or will the new batterys break in or gain power and range after a few charge cycles.

I have a specific route I drive I know what my battery % should be along the route. That was my first indication that the new batterys were not as strong as my 5 year old Deka’s.

Disclaimer; my 5 year old Deka’s were (refreshed) last year. When I say refreshed I’m talking about battery restoration threw specific charge cycles

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Do 20 cycles and report back.

Don’t know what year or charger your GEM has. Is it set for GEL batteries? If it is a Zivan, has it been “micro upgraded”? We have had a few Dekka GELs last a whole five years.


I have a Quick Charge multi bank charger. I have the charge profile set on "Gell"
I haven’t put but 1-2 cycles on my battery’s the weather is not working with me :slight_smile:

We are in the same situation, what was the outcome?