Battery/Range Question

I have a 2008 GEM E4 with 100 miles on it and 14 inch wheels. We just purchased this vehicle and it had the stock batteries in them. I was only getting about 6 miles on one charge, all batteries seems to be ok after testing.

I replaced all the batteries with AGM Deka’s. Did 5 full cycles with the new batteries. I live by the beach so there’s some hills. But currently I’m only getting 8 miles or so from a full charge. Is that range normal?

Par; I’m no Expert but 8 miles seems pretty short.
I’m beginning to think the 20-30 mile range people talk about ONLY exists in very flat areas. So with that said lets just say your mileage is going to be 1/2 of what people are saying is normal. That still leaves you 5-8 miles short. I would think that you should get 15 miles range with new battery’s in a hilly Aera.

Are you sure you have all your battery’s hooked up correctly? Are you sure your charger is fully charging your batts. Are you sure your dash gauge is reading your batt status accurately.

Try resetting your system by turning off the main breaker for 15 to 20 mins while your gem is un pluged

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If the old batteries tested good, why were they replaced? Is the charger set for AGM batteries? The yellow chargers used on newer GEMs are junk. Try charging each battery with a 12 volt automotive charger (this will take hours). If the range is improved, you can assume the charger is no good.


I noticed that a shop set my batteries up as GEL batteries but they are AGM verify that your charger is setup for agm.

Also verify that batteries have the proper amp hour rating.

You could have a bad battery causing the rest to be over worked.

(Requires two people)
If you have some jack stands raise the gem off the ground. Apply full power to gem 5-10 seconds, at the same time test each batteries voltage. If you have a battery problem at least one battery will drop in voltage more then the rest under load


So check this out…

After running around with these batteries (Deka AGM 8A31DT) for a week or so and testing the range, I figured I would call a few other certified shops around town. They suggested that I should be getting at least 20 miles with the new batteries at least. After talking to that owner, he explaining to me that the company that put in my batteries were crooks.

The new technician from the new company (certified gem mechanic) came by to check things out a few days later. He told me that this company gave me AGM’s that don’t work with this cart. Further, that they sold me used batteries when I bought new ones. 2 of the 6 were already fried. He showed me show they were caving on the sides and tops of the batteries and the company took off the date stickers as well. I did the painful thing and replaced all with Deka AG31 Gels, so that I had a useable cart. BTW, my cart is a 2008 GEM E4 Special Edition with only 150 miles on it with all the bells and whistles.

Now I’m getting 25 miles…

So the company that screwed me over was LSV Carts . They were a referral from someone and I guess I should have checked out the BBB or Yelp before using them. Just Google “LSV Carts Yelp” and see for yourself. I tried calling this company multiple times but the owner David never called back and hung up on me a few times. I have no options but to forget about the $1,600 I spent on bunk batteries and move on.

The company that saved the day was OC Monster Carts. The owner always picks up the phone and is top notch.

Since the cart industry isn’t regulated, there are sleaze bag companies like LSV Carts that literally are stealing good money from folks. If you are in So Cal, do your research before doing business with anyone. I learned the hard way.

Sucks… But you could get some of your money back selling the good batteries. Boats, RV, solar setups, and tractors all use a deep cycle batteries and someone on Craigslist would be willing to give you something for them.

Your the 2nd person to tell me that LSV carts are a bunch of crooks I would take your used battery’s to his doorstep and if he dosent want to refund you it will only cost you $50 to file in small claims.

The company that came out to replace LSV Carts batteries with new ones, needed them as cores. Or it was going to cost $30 per, so I gave them up.

Yeah the receipt says 6 new Deka batteries, clearly they weren’t. Not sure I want to spend time with this, taking LSV to small claims. It’s less about the money and more about the principle for me on this one. So small claims might prevail.

BTW - Super happy with the cart now that I have some range. Surfed today and watched the sunset in it.

How much did you pay for the Deka Battery’s from LSV