Installing hard doors

I’ve found a little info about installing hard doors on 14 E2 but can’t find any install instructions or video. Has anyone tried this? I picked up hard doors from a 15 E2. Thx in advance. Jim

I’m guessing that your car did not originally come with doors?

I think what you are asking is how to mount the doors on a car that didn’t have them?

The story I see is the hard mounts were welded on the frame at the factory. Nobody seems to have jumped in on attempting this after the fact. It doesn’t look like it would be an easy job to do, and possibly because driving without doors is so much fun?

What I find odd about the doors is that there seems to be no adjustment in this design. The front mount is a block welded to the frame (I haven’t seen it yet as it is buried behind the plastic trim). The back is a hoop/ring that is also welded in place. You get what you got. I guess error in alignment is taken up by a thick rubber gasket and maybe a little door flex?

If I was to try- I would make a jig off an existing car that would locate on several hard points that (hopefully) all cars would have. Wildcard is that others have found that these cars were more/less handmade and are not very consistent through a production run of cars. Maybe the jig could be just centered in the opening?

I picture this jig would have a hinge pin to hold the block at the front so you could weld/tack it in place and also properly locate/tack the hoop at the back.

Bonus if the same jig can be used and mirrored for right and left side?
Even better if the jig can be broken down to fit in a small package to ship around for others to use.

All of the above assumes the end user would have access to a welder. Maybe a better thought would be to kit out a bolt on plate/hinge so all that would be needed is a bit of drilling and bolting?

thank you for the help. Jim

I have no personal experience with this conversion, BUT…
Doesnt the roof section un-bolt? If all the mounts are on the roof ‘posts’ couldnt you swap roofs?

is it hard door the new style ?

The doors came off a 2015 E2. I have a 2014.