Hard Doors

My wife has decided that the soft doors on my 2012 E4 arent going to cut it now that our baby is getting old enough to ride in Gem. I know that hard doors will not provide any additional protection in the event of an accident but I think it will make her feel better about having baby in back seat. I already made brackets to strap car seat in middle of back seat but now I need Hard doors! Any info on best place to purchase them?

I saw a guy selling a set on Craig’s list he wanted 2k for them Used and I thought that was pretty steep. I see they changed the design of the doors on the new e4 but older e4 doors I would think still work.

The doors have a weld on bracket that needs to be welded onto your gem and then the hard doors can be bolted up. So if you were to get a set used you would also need the weld bracket,

My take on the hard doors is this. They look way better then they function. They are flimsy as hell and they rattle as you go down the road. I wish they were made more heavy duty and they sealed better.

The soft doors work pretty well for what they are. My advise is check out a set of the hard doors for yourself b4 you make the investment