Increase range

You guys with hotted up carts complain about range. Here’s a way to help.

Change your Turf mode settings. (For T1 T2 D1 D2 )controllers

Program #11 to give you what ever top speed is comfortable with a light load in the cart. (got mine at 30 MPH - 25 would be even better)

Program #6 to give adequate start out acceleration (setting of 35 works for me) Note: This change makes starting out in reverse quicker.

When you add load just switch to fast for full power and speed.

I have a Volt/Amp meter on my cart, can’t imagine being with out one. It really shows the difference. in power draw. Causes you to lighten your foot.


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Rodney, I completely agree with your tip about having an ammeter. It is an amazing tool to discover a good balance of speed and range. And, it can be very valuable anytime you find you are running a bit low on charge and need to maximize your range to make it home. Great tip.


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Where can i get a controller to change settings in my controller?

NEV GE Programming