I need emergency break cables for a R/T 2009

Wanted, emergency brake cable for 09 R/T the emergency brake pedal is on the right side of the gas pedal

Hi Gus, I’m Matt. I’m in Oklahoma City. Just wondering if you had any luck finding your brake cable? I’ve got a 2008 Ruff and Tuff and had a part on my front end crack. I can’t get ahold of anyone, anywhere…I was wondering if you found a parts source.

There are two R&T hunters in Mn.
Both complete.
One needs controller and on runs with noisy rear end.
Message for phone number.
They are in storage and not listed anywhere right now. I would start with a $5k offer for both.
Pictures if interested.

I’ve had one guy offer me two more R/T for $5000.

Shoot, I may need one for parts. Had mine since new in 2009…This part deal is an issue—they are tough. Kid flipped mine onto side and only thing broke is the RF hub assembly…I was thinking about extending tie-rod and drilling a new hole in the existing assembly—what’s left of it

ATV or Quad are probably too light for a cart but you can look at them for design. Take a look at what they are using on RZR and SxS cars to see if they will adapt. Grab the brakes and hub if it will match your current wheels. It will probably be an upgrade and better than stock.

Just spitballing:
Yours looks like it is a 4x4/front wheel drive hub and a stub was just shoved through it. Since you don’t need all that just going for a spindle might open up some options. Shoot- you could even take a look at a VW spindle to see if it will fit in there. Just make sure the taper on the ball joints match. Shock mounting will need to be figured out.

I wouldn’t count out atv parts, they are used on the gem cars. Even my elxd has them for brakes, steering knuckles and A-arms(with modified shock tabs).

Thanks, I didn’t know that

The man with the two R/T is on the forum his name is Inwo