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Here is a source for R and T parts

Ruff and Tuff Parts Resources

In addition they have a limited amount of resources, listed below that can be VERY valuable so some of you. The last being a decent parts MANUAL:clap2::clap2::clap2:


4x4 Red and Green Button Wiring

Wiring Diagram 2008 4 x 4

2008 4x4 Parts Book

Cruiser 2008 and prior Parts Book

Parts Book CLX 4x4 2009

RT CEV2 and NEV2 Parts Book

This message will stay on top. Anything that you have that the group can benefit from can be sent to me at and I will post it here.


I have access to a most RnT parts. Please PM me if you need anything.



Do you have any repair manuals, schematics, Diagrams to share?


I need a Steering Box ASSY Part No.: HLP-340004. Can you help?



Year and model cart. Part numbers are great but guys junking out carts have no idea of numbers so sometimes description gets better results.


This is a reverse engineered R&T from China. NO idea on the year, should be a 2008 Hunter

It’s listed in the parts catalog on the top of this thread

I need to replace the steering wheel on a 2010 R&T NEV2. Does anyone know where I can find one?

I looking for a arm bushing go 2008 ruff and tuff lvs cart can only find a kit for almost 200 bucks

I am looking for left headlight assembly or lens
Also ignition switch for 2007 Ruff and Tuff

Sorry this is from an old post. I’ve sold all of my parts at this point.

Parts are available at

looking for steering box for 2007 ruff n tuff . part number HEL2-3400400 . any help would be appreciated.

Need help with a 2006 Ruff and Tuff I bought off Craigslist. Having trouble finding parts and also would like to know if anybody has a schematic for wiring or even a picture of the inverter wiring?


Email me

Sorry, I don’t have anything for these anymore.

Need front plastic bumper guard for 2010/2012 Ruff & Tuff lsv golf cart.

Hi all ,looking for a 2009 4x4 Ruff n tuff rear differential 24 spline,a used one would be best,any help would be Greatly appreciated

my differential is cracked and needs repair, can you provide assistance?

Ignition switch for ‘07-08 RT Cruze?