How do you source spare parts for your Ruff & Tuff EVs?

More and more people are having trouble source spare parts for their Ruff & Tuff EVs - how do you source your spare parts?

Most current sources are mentioned in this thread.

Google also has hits but many are obsolete.


Thanks Rodney

When Ruff and Tuff went out of business a company in South Carolina bought all of their parts. Unfortunately, that company only sells to dealers. Most people have no idea what a Ruff and Tuff is so…if you need a part, contact Sal at Cartz Partz | Golf Carts Phoenix | Sales Service Parts | Phoenix AZ I have used them on several occasions and have never had an issue. Their phone number is 602 788-0355.

Electric Cart Company, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Parts Department: 850-708-8300


Welcome to the group. The R&T people don’t have many resources and are starting to congregate here one by one. You are going to be a great help. Thank you for joining us.


You’re welcome. I am looking forward to the interaction. I think this forum is a great place for Ruff n Tuff cart owners to ask questions and share information.

One thing I would like to share with those owners who may be in search of parts is: Please remember these carts have been out of production for several years. If you are looking for items such as nuts, bolts or washers you are probably better off to go with after market items. Don’t waste your time looking for OEM parts. Also, individual parts/components that may have been available when the carts were in production may now only be available as part of an assembly. You may have to look at a larger picture when sourcing parts for your cart.

I may have access to most if not all RnT parts. PM me and I’ll see if I can get what you need.

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Chris 5612221977

I need a rack and pinion unit, speedometer, and bolt meter.


Yea I need a rear hub for 2011 ruff n tuff.
Any suggestions would be appreciated

I need the components for the right steering. Inner tie rod end, tie rod, boot seal, tie rod end, steering rack, slot nut m12x1.25, cotter pin 2x18, and right spindle for a 2006 ruff n tuff LSV 6 passenger. Please help!

How would I PM you? I am looking for a 2006 Ruff N Tuff Steering Box. Vehicle ID is HEL0101 and model is RT4P.

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I joined your thread online for the ruff and tuff buggies because I purchased two of them about a year ago hoping to get around to fixing one to a complete cart. Long story short my loss of time now has me ready to part ways I have two ruff and tuff carts. 1 is a complete cart with a busted rear end it’s very clean plastics seats roof shield wires on board charger good battery trays just needs the rear end swapped from the parts cart. Second ruff and tuff (parts cart) is most plastics think the on board charger is still on it disk brakes and steering still all there just pretty dirty sat behind a golf cart shop outside in weather with grass growing up. If anyone would like to know anymore specifics or pictures just ask I’ll do my best on response time as I work construction full time. In advance thank you for your time!

I have 2 ruff and tuff carts if anyone is lookin one is a parts cart the other is complete just needs the rear end swapped from the parts cart

Where are they?
What model?

I just purchased a 2007 6 passenger I’m in need of the front bushings and new lights

Hi I know it’s been a min but was seeing you still had any ruff and tuff parts I am looking for a steering box thank you