RTEV Ruff & Tuff owners unite!

Ruff and Tuff owners now have a forum of their own. Please identify if you are are RTEV owner, share your model info and mods if any.

2009 Ruff n Tuff Hunter 4x4, electric front locker.
230Ah 48V AGM traction battery.
6HP Kinetek motor, Curtis 500A SepEx controller.
Renogy 150Wx2 solar panels, Genasun MPPT.
500W 12VDC converter.
CREE LED floodlights and spotlights.

Mods in progress now:
Alphagen DCX3000 48V gasoline generator.
Magnum MS4048PAE 4.5kW inverter/charger
Magnum shunt battery monitor kit and LCD panel.
Tractor Supply aluminum underbody truck box for electronics.

Hello all. Unite is right. Trying to find information on the Ruff and Tuff EVs is very difficult. I even made a Facebook page hoping there were others out there that wouldn’t mind sharing information…much like this forum. Anyway, I just bought a 2008 4p Cruiser and wanted to start adding to it and fixing little items. Trying to find parts is almost non-existent. I am looking for a passenger side headlight, windshield wiper assembly, etc. Little annoying things. Any help…advise??

Check out Ebay

I have looked all over the internet for parts (Ebay, Amazon, etc.). I can’t really find anything for “Ruff and Tuff” electric vehicles. I thought maybe the headlight assembly from an E Z Go RXV might work but…the outside portion seems to pointy. I wish there was a “this fits this” list since I have seen where some E Z Go parts do actually fit (seats). A shop in Destin, FL that used to sell RTEV said they could order the light for $136 plus shipping plus taxes. I wish I had those contacts. Are you aware of any way to find a parts manual, or a supplier, or a parts compatibility list? As I go through this process I plan on keeping records and making them available. I hate to cut into the RTEV but I am beginning to consider using more abundant parts from the “Big 3” manufacturers. I would hate for my RTEV to look like a Frankenstein cart.

Look for contact information for Wheego.net, they still have some R&T information and contacts for parts. Let us know what you learn.

OK…the RXV headlight will not work. It is too straight and the front of the RT is rounded. Maybe the TXT?? :frowning:

I actually found to companies that have/order RT parts. One is the Electric Cart Company in Santa Rosa Beach, FL and the other is Cartz Partz in Phoeniz, AZ (talk to Sal). I checked pricing on the right side headlight assembly and Cartz Partz was about $25 cheaper. I remember reading somewhere that a company in South Carolina actually bought all the parts, etc. from Ruff & Tuff when they went out of business. This company (can’t rember name) only sells to dealers. Cartz Partz is having my headlight drop shipped directly from the SC company and it should arrive on Friday (5FEB16).

I have also come across wiring diagrams and breakdown manuals of the Ruff and Tuff vehicles. This is really going to help in getting off-the-shelf bolts, washers, etc. For example, the Arm Rests are bolted to the seat bottom using M8x25 bolts and the Sun Top uses M6x55.

Every little bit helps when you are tearing it down and building it back up again. :smiley:


I recently acquired a RTEV and immediately had to but a speed controller and replace the DeltaQ onboard Charger system. i have it running reliably now but I cannot get the 12 Volt accessories to work. I do not have 48 Volts coming into the voltage converter and i have tried to trace the wiring - you mentioned some wiring diagrams; can you share the source for the diagrams. I need the lights to work since the cart is used for transport to and from a parking lot each day.

Also, did you remember the name of the distributor in South Carolina?

Thanks in advance!

Awesome! :smiley:

thank you for posting. i pulled everything out and am now working with a remote charger. the next project is to figure out how the dc-dc power converter works. when i put 48 volts directly on the input terminals there is some sort of backfeed or activity on the 12 volt side. the converter lights up big an bright but i get small sparks on either terminal. something not right but i will get it fixed. i need lights to avoid the alligators on the pathway.

@pagefamily96 Where did you find this wiring diagram? I need one for the four wheel drive controls. Mine engages but will not disengage.

I found some diagrams on ruffandtuffdotcom
Click on “resources”

The website I found stuff on is actually ruffandtuffparts.com
Click resources and check out their files.
I am attaching the 4x4 wiring drawing.

I can not access the wiring diagram. Message says my user does not have rights to view the document?

You have to have 5 forum posts to access.

Email me at rodneyadiehl@aol.com and I will send you the pdf


I have a 6 place cruiser and I am looking for wiring diagram and some help troubleshooting this thing.

I need brushes for my RTEV. Help Please

What size Length Width Height

I know its a 2004 RTEV 14.5HP Electrict motor. I will have to measure the brushes when I get home

New to this forum. I own a R&T 2009 Hunter 4x4. Mice ate up wiring harness. Can any one give me the wiring diagram for the 2–30 amp relays in the dash that control the transfer case and 4x4 lock?