Hi, My name is Gus out off SC

I have just recently bought a R&T 08 model 4x4 pretty good shape needs batteries but looking forward to learning more about it with y’all help, I’m in Chesnee SC.

How you doing out there ? You discovered the folks at RTGear yet? Good folks , parts are xpexsive , we need to form a co-op to document and find vendors to purchase the parts in lots and thus develop a network of wholesale parts who we can turn to for quick efficient ordering , and shipping . I have been taking an ass whipping trying to find ball joints and tierod end links . Need carrier center support bearing

Check out Face Book Group Ruff & Tuff Electric Vehicles

I have, found a group in Columbia SC so far have been a big help.

Thanks for that info, I’ll do it.

Hey Gus, I’m up by Clemson. I have a R&T Hunter 4x4. The differential cracked so I haven’t had a chance to ride it. Any luck finding parts through the group in Columbia?

I have one of these R&T carts with exactly the same suspension issues. Appears to be made of Chinesium.
Where can i get parts from ?