2009 R&T 4wd Hunter

I have an 09 4wd Hunter. I am trying desperately to keep it running. I have replaced the Controller 2 times in the last 6 months the second one which was rebuilt and installed two weeks ago only lasted 1 day so I am now faced with the decision to junk it or repair it. The car looks good has new batteries good tires a great winch so I really would like to keep it. Doe anyone have any ideas why the controllers keep going out ( I assume it is the controller both times replacing the controller got it going) everything works except the cart won’t move when the accelerator is pushed. I checked the speeds sensor, ITS, emergency brake switch, key switch, and main solenoid. The main solenoid works fine when I disconnect the wires and cables and hot wire the small terminals, the main lugs have continuity when I hot wire it. Not sure about the walkaway relay, would like to eliminate it but it does get power. I really don’t understand the small terminals (coil terminals) on the large solenoid it seems that they both have positive feed to them from the controller no ground (-); pink and violet wire.
No one really wants to discuss R&T on any of the forums, I am not sure why it is a sore subject. If there is anyone else out there with a R&T please reply. Probably not many left since they are no longer making them. Thanks for any and all help.

I can’t help with R&T. Not much info available on line. I have one also needing other parts.
If you get to point of unloading it for parts, I can use it.
I’ve seen issues with rebuilds from fsip. Should be warranty though.

I have not had a problem finding parts. Hard to find someone to work on it.
Thanks for the reply
South Carolina

You didn’t say if the f/R switch was working , that would prevent it from moving , they have notorious issues with their key switches going bad. Cheap cheap,parts , if you leave. The Key on or any amount of time it will melt and short out blowing the fuse that comes off the positive cable , that killed mine. Until I bypasses the key switch .

Everything is working now. I can’t clear a 1-2 fault on my controller. I am not driving until I get it corrected. I am going to rewire from the throttle sensor to the controller and replace the pins and molex at the controller. Just to make sure the connection is good and there is no short in the wiring. Thank you for the inquiry. By the way I replaced the key switch about two years ago, it was about $200 for just the switch.

I have a 2009 EV 4X4 R&T Hunter that I want to sell . Rodents have chewed up the wires in the wiring harness and the batteries are about finished . The cart is in good shape otherwise . I am taking the wench off to put on my new cart . The wheels and tires are good and there is an extra
wheel and tire that has never been used .If you had time and knowledge you could get the cart
running . It is solid . Let me know if you are interested

where is it located?

At this time it is Augusta , Georgia

How much are you asking for it?

I am asking $850.00 picked up here in Augusta, GA

I’ll try to arrange pick up.

If you do not sell let me know. Perhaps some pictures if you have time and do not sell.

I am sorry . The R&T sold . Thank all of you who responded .
I am astonished at the response I received within 24 hours.

Rick , you are going to wish you had the old R&T back . Lol you sold your Hunter 4x4 about 2k too cheap ,

Hi all, I recently bought a 2008 r/t 4x4 hunter, I thought at a decent price. Had to purchase new batteries, wheels and tires. After connecting all the batteries and finally getting voltage everywhere, I pressed the accelerator to check the contact switch and unexpectedly smoked the controller unit. I’m at a stand still finding one based on price of the controller after spending so much on what I have already invested.

Contact RT Gear. http://www.rtgear.com/