Horn Not Working (Ruff & Tuff)

Just purchased a used R & T 4wd loaded. I am specificly looking for info on the horn which is not working. I suppose it has one since there is an ordinary push switch on the steering wheel. Have not tried to troubleshoot thought this forum may save a little time.

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Good day @mattoxh and welcome to electric forum. May I ask, what year your R&T is? Together, with other members of this forum, we will help you troubleshoot.

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2009 Ruff and Tuff Hunter 4x4 EV. Certified Low Speed Vehicle.

Just realized the only assessory that works is the winch and the battery indicator no lights, wipers, or horn.

I am no expert but it sounds as though there might be a problem with fuses?

Well after much ado I determined that the RED wire that leaves the switch when it is in the second position and exits the connector as a WHITE wire carries 48 volts. The wire connects directly to the 12 Volt convertor along with a BLACK GROUND it powers all of the 12 volt assessories. The Problem is the Swith in the third position. If you wiggle the key it will make contact but it won’t hold.

I am still mapping wires but here is what I have so far on the switch.
Heavy Gauge Red Wire with 48 volts enters connector and then to switch as a Black Wire. RED Wire White Tracer leaves switch then to connector and exits as a purple small gauge wire carring 48 volts to the battery meter.
RED Wire from switch to connector leaves as a WHITE Wire runs to 12 volt convertor this wire is hot when switch is in last position. This powers the 12 v Acessories. A black ground wire along with the White wire goes to the convertor and 12 exits as a Heavy Gauge Green Wire+ and Black Wire with White Tracer - .
More to come.

I have not located a switch yet. I may open it up and try to repair or energize the 12 convertor from the second position or add a toggle switch to control the power from the convertor.

Hopefully I will get a wiring diagram posted in the near future. There is very little helpful info on the internet on the internet.

I have had problems with my ignition switch also. I took it apart and it was broken in the bottom plastic rotating contactor. I jury rigged it to work but it may not last. I looked all over and the yugo/fiat spider ignition switch x19 looks identical but are expensive. mine still gives me problems so usually have to turn all the way and then back the key up a little, may take several attempts to get it. Also had problems with the turn signal lever broken off but I was able to 3D print a plastic part on the inside to get that fixed. I purchased my 4x4 hunter used with the rear differential ring and pinion gears bad, little did I know the problems of getting parts. I did get the parts from.

Arlene Belicek
The Electric Cart Company LLC
4552 US Hwy 98 W, Suite 16
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

You will need to got through a cart dealer as they are not a retailer. Hope this helps.