Ruff and tuff accessories

I’m working on my daughter n laws 2009 ruff ruff two wheel drive. I couldn’t get anything on dash to work. Track down problem to bad reducer. Put 12 v in with car battery . Only thing that will work is wind shield wipers. Traced down wire going to lights have voltage to and leaving switch but no lights. Does any one have accessories wiring diagram or where I might get one . The wiring harnesses are hard to get to and wires change color between harness plugs. Thanks William

I was able to trace wire down to head light on left have voltage to plug, check continuity on light and it’s zero no conductivity I think light bulb is bad. Has anyone ever changed out the headlight I’ve taken the screws out but can’t seem to get it out don’t want to break it. Thanks WILLIAM

Hey Automag,
I’m not sure too many R&T owners are hanging out in here lately.

Since I don’t have one, post up a pic or two of what you are looking at and I might be able to see something you are missing.