Hub removal from Shoe Plate

Attempting to change the wheel bearings. I removed the wheel / brake drum assembly but stuck. How dose one separate the Flange/Hub from the brake shoe plate? Seems like a strange design…I see Nev sells rebuilt hubs with bearings but how to install and or uninstall??

You should take it to someone who knows what they’re doing. You need to press the hub and bearings out and then press it all back together. Like I told you when you private messaged me you can do it with a sledge hammer but I would advise against it unless you know what you’re doing. I’ve done it but I have also done hundreds of bearings in my life.

So I’m thinking of getting a Harbor Fright Press, then I could do all 4. The shoe plates need to be blasted and repainted. So I would rather DIM than going back and forth to a brake shop, not and option at this time. If worse comes to worse I’ll just get a new wheel/hub/brake assembly $250.
I can not find this type assembly repair anywhere as the shoe plate makes it that more challenging.
Your thoughts?

Plenty of videos on you tube showing how it’s done. Having the backing plate in the mix doesn’t really change anything.